Asghar Mohammadi Khanaman


Static and dynamic
The life of Dr. Asghar Mohammadi Khanaman originated from a village in the desert desert, and goes to the Kerman, Sharif University of Technology and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and from there continues to the Swedish Nuclear Research Center, the Stockholm Institute of Technology and other scientific centers of the world. In this lecture, he tells the story of his vicissitudes of science life, which is the adventures of creativity, coaching and invention.

Massoud Bagherzadeh Karimi


More or less, we all feel that today, the Earth's conditions are not so good.
Earth, this generous house is no longer enough for this party. The predictions indicate that with our current trend, in 2023, our demand from land will be twice as it would be, and at last, the earth will not suffice for mankind, so what is the treatment? "Dr. Massoud Bagherzadeh Karimi" tells us about a new era of human-earth interaction and a new perspective on the environment.

Ehsan Negin


When the brain does not hear!
Ehsan Negin believes that 2 to 3 percent of the Iranian children, have a disorder that causes them hearing the sounds correctly, but their brains cannot get it. Together we listen to Ehsan Negin, to hear everything about this disorder and make informed decisions about its solutions.

Reza Behzadian

Sociologist of art and religion/Cultural activist

Pleasure to be seen.
In all the great events of the world, such as: Olympics, festivals and Olympiads, one of the most important priorities is, to be seen. If it is possible to be seen from childhood and adolescence, self-esteem, effort to achieve dreams and collective wisdom will be strengthened. For sure, this type of insight requires its own specific worldview. How could to be create this enjoy and dynamic? Is this possible in the world today's educational system?

Matin Lashkari

Graphic designer/co-founder at

persian food tours

How can we conquer the world with Persian food?!
Food makes a scene in almost all human interactions. It’s the centerpiece of our festivities, mourning and excuse for new communication. But above all, it’s an engaging and affective way to explore new traditions, build stronger relationships and promote cultures. Persian food is the star attraction of all Iranian events. It’s a crucial part of our history and culture. It’s colorful, aromatic, rich in ingredients and unbelievably delicious. But how much does the world know about? And how could we conquer the world with it?

Reza Ghavamipour Kumele

Inventor/Robotic science inventor

The fascinating world of objects
Interaction and communication in the world today are no longer just about human beings, today we see the relationship of objects with each other. (M2M) Soon, a large number of objects will be able to receive, process and send information. Objects have the ability to collaboration with each other on a network of communication to create a more attractive world for us. Will the day come when objects will overcome us? How their relationships will be change our lifestyle?

Sahar Toosi

Professional traveler/Hitchhiker

our delight is nearby The regrets that can turn into sweet reality. Sometimes we get away from doing what we like, because of responsibilities, difficulties or fear and Instead of doing that, we envied people who have to do that. Then we will take on responsibilities and, with justification, return to our daily routine, but still we will not be good. But apart from my commitments, I turn Regrets to a goal and my wish was a part of life today. I found my good mood. Did you find your good mood? Do you know where is it?

Haneef Moghadas

Interior designer

When you miss everything, it's just the moment you have to stay and start something you always love. Choosing and decide to survive instead of desperate. Like choosing to keep a piece of wood alive. A piece of wood that tells a lot of stories, and every line and pattern on it has a long history behind. Being exposed to these pieces becomes an unique experience beyond the confrontation with an object. Hanif Moghadas, interior designer and wooden structures designer, says about the challenges of his career and the motivation to launch the first Iranian brand of revival wood.

Maryam Mohri

Painter and sculptor

Signs of myths in reality!!
Myths are traceable in reality, birds like Simorgh, which appear to come from the imagination of poets and storytellers, actually once open a time lived in our world and were extinct. In recent years, animal species and plants are being ruined. Is it humans that endangered species life? In the future, we will write legends from birds like the Siberian crane around which we deliberately destroy them today ?